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Anti Lomborg site was created in 2001 by numerous environmental academics, writers and activists from Oxford, England area. All were dissatisfied with inaccuracies in the series "green wash that were published in the Guardian Newspaper in august 2001. Bjørn Lomborg's environment related articles in question include:

Take a deep breath... air quality is getting better - published in Guardian 15th August 2001
Yes it looks bad but... - published in Guardian article 15th August 2001
Running on Empty? - published in Guardian article 16th August 2001
Driven to Extinction: a specious theory - published in Guardian Article 16th August 2001
Why Kyoto will not stop this - published in Guardian Article 17th August 2001

Anti Lomborg web site's goal is to discuss alternatives theories on environment, global warming, waste management, and alternative energy sources such as bio diesel or solar energy and all other environmentalism related topics. Objective is not to attack Bjørn Lomborg but rather to point out and discuss some of the flaws in his analyses.